"Fehrnvi, established in 2017 by Brighton Wahlen, was driven by the intention to empower individuals to find confidence in their style through a carefully curated collection of clothing designed to enhance the beauty of all body types."
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At Fehrnvi, our exquisitely designed items are more than just garments; they are empowering ensembles carefully crafted to ignite a sense of self-confidence and beauty in every woman. Our dresses not only flatter various body types but also celebrate individuality, offering a perfect fusion of style and comfort. With each stitch and detail, we aspire to create an experience where every individual feels uplifted, cherished, and ultimately better about themselves, for we believe that confidence is the most beautiful accessory a person can wear.
Fehrnvi (Fairen-vee) is taken from the German word "fernweh" meaning "farsickness"or the opposite of "homesickness". Quite literally it means a "longing for far off places".  We hope you'll take our items with you as you travel the world, with confidence and style.
Fehrnvi is located in St George, UT USA.