LDS Temple Dress Requirements 

An LDS temple dress should white in color, cascade from mid-calf to floor length, have a high neckline, and sleeves ranging from 3/4 to full length.

  • Wear a slip if you think you'll need an extra layer
  • Find a dress with hip pockets, it's a must! 
  • If it's your special day, consider a dress with lace and elegance. If it's regular temple attendance, consider shopping for comfort! 
  • A fabric that doesn't wrinkle is a plus, such as polyester.
  • Avoid adding excessive embellishments, sequins, or flashy details
  • Avoid tight or form-fitting dresses, you'll be wearing the dress for a long time, be comfy! 
  • Avoid fabrics that are too sheer, wear a slip if you're worried
  • Consider a dress length in the standing and sitting position, be sure it still covers past the knees when sitting. 

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