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Jena has already gone through countless appointments, procedures, and surgeries including a double mastectomy, in her journey with breast cancer. Recently, after pain in her back and neck, Jena pushed for testing to find out if a nodule in her lung was the cancer returning. Unfortunately it has returned, and is now Stage 4 metaplastic breast cancer in her lung. Specialists in Texas says her best option is continuous chemo. This is going to be a long, hard, exhausting road for her and her family.

This donation will not only help alleviate the financial burden that medical care creates, but help cover her out of pocket costs, her traveling, her lack of income since work will be out of the question for her and possibly her husband as well. 

By sharing this fundraiser to your social network, and donating you are helping to make a change in someone’s life. If you'd like to make a separate donation that option is available to you in the checkout process. 

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